Smith County, Tennessee

This photo is from my trek between Butler Cemetery and Beverly’s house in Lafayette, where I pulled over to check my directions. I can’t find this on Google Maps, so if any of you know where this is, please let me know! I don’t remember which roads I took, and it might not even be in Smith County.

Between afternoon and evening, golden light settles on the rolling hills of middle Tennessee. Cattle are grazing on the left. There’s an old low stone wall about 1/3 up, and of course the old barn has to be included in the shot.

Processing: this is a pano of 2 shots. I did initial adjustments in Lightroom, then stitched the photos together in Photoshop. I used Topaz Adujst to make the details in the landscape pop and brighten up the midtones and shadows, using a mask on the sky because it got too bright. Then I used a levels adjustment on the sky to make it a little darker than it was originally, and more like I remembered it. Finally, I brought it back into Lightroom, added some clarity and cropped it.

For more about my day lost in the hills of Tennessee, see Road Trip – Carthage, TN to Somewhere in Kentucky. Part 1 and Part 2. And I still don’t own a GPS…

  • Caption: Cattle graze in the hills of Smith County, Tennessee, near an old barn.
  • Focal length: 0.2mm
  • ISO: 200
  • Keywords: Array
  • Shutter speed: 1/56s
  • Title: Cattle graze in the hills of Smith County, Tennessee, near an old barn.

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