Road Trip – Carthage, Tennessee to Somewhere in Kentucky, part 2

After visiting the Butler Cemetary, I made my way to Lafayette (pronounced La-FAY-ette), where Beverly served me some dinner in her beautiful restored home. I told her about getting lost and watching [amazon B001EBV0LW inline] just a week ago. And Beverly said that it’s true, you need to be careful back in Reese Holler because we don’t know all these new people that others sold their land to, and there are marijuana plantations in some of the hollers. (So I was right to be nervous…)

I left Beverly’s at 9pm and made my way over to I-65. Coming out of the restroom at a rest stop near Elizabethtown, a man asked me if I was traveling alone. (!?) Told him that HusBott was waiting for me in the car and got on out of there.

Now here’s where my day got incredibly bleak. I was getting pretty tired. This was the first time I didn’t make plans for a hotel. I saw a sign for hotels at the next exit, which turned out to be the Joe Prather Highway. I drove for about 23 minutes on a 2-lane curvy road with nowhere to turn around, no signs of civilization, and pitch black even with bright lights, until I finally came to a crossroads and could turn around. It turns out that if I’d gone another 5 minutes I would have found something in the suburbs of Fort Knox.

I got back on to I-65 and stopped in Shepherdsville for the night. Whew! And you wonder why people call me an airhead once in a while?

Part 1 of this leg of the journey.

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