Double Bass

Enharmonic Madness

Enharmonic Madness

Why was the double A-flat here?

No change of key, no modulation to a new key, no logical reason…

The music was published in 2011. Could it be a music notation software glitch? Not likely!

Beautiful bass playing by Nicholas Walker (much research suggests him?) starting at about 24:30 on Celtic Roots Radio

About the singer: Jayne Demakos

Double Bass Rosin with Music


Subtitled Fun in the Pit. Melted, squashed, lint-covered Kolstein double bass rosin from Waldir’s pocket. In the background is typical opera bass music.

Claudia Botterweg playing the double bass

In the mid-nineties I was rear-ended by a semi truck and my bass got smashed beyond repair. At the emergency room, they thought my neck might be broken and when a doctor finally came in to see me, I was weeping. He said “What’s wrong? Are you worried about your potentially debilitating injuries?” “My bass got smashed!” I wailed

In the summer of 1975, my bass and I had to go to North Carolina for Eastern Music Festival. We flew on Eastern Airlines. My parents bought a half-price ticket for the bass so that it could sit in a seat.

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