I haven’t been posting to this blog at all for over a year. This is why posting doesn’t happen: I am a freelancer with several different things to focus on each day. Lately, I have been playing the bass and teaching private lessons, traveling to Flagstaff and Tucson to play the bass, publishing journals and vintage patterns (at, building websites, and clearing away the extra stuff in my house by selling it on eBay (beads at, and miscellaneous stuff I’m done with at

Some people advocate choosing a word to define your goals for the year, so I chose Consistency as my word for 2018.

To help me stay consistent, I made a detailed schedule for my days in Evernote ( Since I enjoy writing, but don’t have lots of time for it, I inserted writing time into my schedule for first thing in the morning. I write in a personal journal for 7 minutes every morning. I can get 250 to 350 words written in 7 minutes. (It’s easier to get words on the page when you are half asleep and just let things flow.) I keep the journal in OneNote ( I added 15 minutes of writing for this website, which I will do right after writing in my personal journal. By keeping to the schedule, I should have something ready to publish every week or so.

I have been using this blog to share my photographs and hobbies. I’m going to add reviews of courses that I take, I’ll share some of the ways I use software, and write about other things that interest me.

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