Another lace scarf finished

I finished knitting this scarf several months ago, but just blocked it last week. Since then, I’ve been looking for the pattern I used, and haven’t found it yet! I was sure it was from Vogue Knitting, but maybe it’s from Interweave. In my search I discovered that some magazines are pretty weird about their table of contents. For instance “All Tied Up” without a description is not helpful! I started this on a plane trip to Ohio in July 2005. Not wanting to run out of things to do on my 2-week trip, I took this, another scarf to start, a pair of socks in progress, and extra sock yarn and needles in case I finished everything and needed a new project… Does everybody else do this or am I just weird? Here’s a picture of the whole thing

Green Scarf

And here’s a close-up

Green Scarf

The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace, wonderfully soft 50/50 wool/silk. I made this from leftovers from the shawl I made during My Fair Lady, which is a story for another day. A warning, though: the yarn isn’t colorfast. This time I soaked it in white vinegar and water before soaking it in Eucalan, and the Eucalan soak still turned green.

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