Icarus Shawl Progress, ran out of yarn


Today I’m going to Needler’s Nest to get some more Alpaca With a Twist, because I’ve run out! The yarn is 70% baby alpaca/ 30% silk, very very soft and nice. Now, the pattern says they used 90 grams from a 100-gram, 875-yard skein of Suri Elegance. The Alpaca With a Twist is the same, 100 grams and 875 yards. I still have 10 rows to go, plus 4 rows of edging and the bind-off. I must admit that I didn’t check the gauge (shame on me!), but that seems like too much of a discrepancy.  And $21 more than I planned to spend! The yarn kept slipping off my Addi Turbos, so I got some size 3 Addi Natura needles, and I love them. The Clover cable was driving me nuts because it’s so stiff. I may get rid of all my Clovers so I can afford more Naturas…


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My Fair Lady Shawl

Dayflower Daydream Shawl

or, “Knitting in the Orchestra Pit” In late November 2001, I started working for a production of My Fair Lady at Arizona Theatre Company. The show opened in Tucson in December and went to Phoenix in January 2002. There were about 75 performances altogether. Added to the touring production with Richard Chamberlain I did a few years earlier, I’ve done this show at least 91 times!

On Wednesday of the week before Thanksgiving, I moved into the apartment that the company provided in Tucson. On Thursday we had 5 hours of rehearsal on My Fair Lady, then I drove to Phoenix (eating dinner in the car), rested for about 30 minutes in the parking garage, and played Mozart’s Don Giovanni for Arizona Opera. I drove back to Tucson after the opera because home was 30 minutes in the other direction. I repeated this routine on Friday and Saturday, except Saturday night I got to stay home, the final performance of Mozart being on Sunday afternoon. During my night driving, I was entertained by the Leonid meteor showers. I jammed all my private lessons into Monday and drove back to Tucson on Tuesday for rehearsals the rest of the week.

By the time Thanksgiving arrived I was in no mood to spend any time in the car! I talked my husband into coming down to spend the weekend with me. On Friday we went to Purls yarn shop and I talked him in to buying me:

  • Shawls and Scarves: The Best of Knitter’s Magazine
  • 2 skeins of Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace
  • Needles: 1 set of dp, and 2 different lengths of circulars

It all came to about $95. Today, I think it would be almost twice that… I cast on immediately and spent all my off-hours knitting the shawl.

Dayflower Daydream Shawl

There is quite a bit of dialog in My Fair Lady. Many musicians read during dialog, but I’m always afraid that I’ll get too engrossed and miss an entrance, so I usually just sit there or watch the stage (if I can see the stage). After a week I realized that a couple of the dialog sections were pretty long, so I brought my shawl and worked on it: yarn in a bag on the floor, bass leaning against me for quick retrieval, and pretty much in the dark. There are probably lots of mistakes, but I haven’t searched for them. I finished it a few weeks after the show closed.

The pattern is “Dayflower Daydream” and was designed by Eugen Beugler.

Tulip Wedge Shawl sort of finished

Tulip Wedge Shawl

I’ve been working on this for a few months. It’s the Tulip Wedge Shawl, designed by JC Briar, from INKnitters Winter 2004. (I don’t see tulips there, but it’s beautiful anyways.) I finished the knitting last night. Hooray! 10 rows of seed stitch on about 50,000 stitches at the bottom drove me a little nuts…

Of course, my photo colors are all messed up. The yarn is actually black. I used JaggerSpun Zephyr, which is 50/50 Tussah silk/Merino wool. It’s very soft and reasonably priced. You can see in the top left corner of this photo that I got the first repeat backwards on that side, oops! The shawl will blend in with my black stuff so it shouldn’t be noticed. Right now it’s all balled up in a bag, and when it’s blocked it will be less mushy and more shiny…

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