Road Trip

Kansas sunrise

Woke up around 4am so that I could catch a sunrise from the heartlands. 

Cherry Creek in Denver
Cherry Creek in Denver

I am staying at a lovely Staybridge hotel in Denver. The hotel is right next to Cherry Creek and a great park. I’ve gone on some nice walks in my free time. Glad to have had the chance to stay for 2 days

The road north

Drove about 450 miles again today on Interstate 25. If the only parts of New Mexico you’ve ever seen are from I-40 or I-10, then turn around and go back! If you’re going to stay on a freeway, at least see the state from I-25. Beautiful, all the way from Las Cruces to the Colorado Line! I’ve never been north of Santa Fe before.

Albuquerque Rainbow

Got a good start and stopped in Flagstaff for lunch with Joel DiBartolo. We went to Pita Jungle, which was great food.

I am leaving on a massive road trip on Thursday. My first real destination is Denver for DrupalCamp Colorado. After the camp I’ll take 10 days to get to Carthage, Tennessee so that I can visit with my mom’s family. We went there every summer for a week or two, and I haven’t been back in the holler for 30 years.


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