Road Trip

After I did some hanging out in downtown Carthage, TN, visited Geneva at her house in Carthage (David from Michigan just happened to be there), and drove on twisty-turny roads through a 20-foot visib

Downtown Carthage, TN


Not to point, but the little red car from Arizona proves I was there in 2009, during a break in the rain.

Downtown Carthage, TN


Downtown Carthage is quaint and charming, and has lots of electricity. We didn’t go into town much when we stayed during the reunion weeks. We spent most of our time back in the holler.

On my way across the country in 2009, I stopped in Denver for the two day Colorado Drupal Camp. The Colorado Drupal Camp is probably one of the best events I’ve ever attended.

What feels better on a hot summer day than dipping your feet in a fountain? Here’s a heavily manipulated photo of the feet of a little nature boy fountain at Wildwood Park in Toledo, Ohio. The next time you’re in Toledo, one of the many things you should do is visit Wildwood Park.

Crysanthemum fireworks leave a red reflection on the Ohio River. From my 2009 trip across the country.

Here’s another photo of the Ottawa River at sunset, this time including a pier and its reflection. There’s some information about the Ottawa River over at Wikipedia.

Toledo, Ohio is a wonderful place, with lots of stuff to do. Don’t you believe the songs! If only there weren’t so much snow…

At the end of Mom and Charley’s Street, sunset painted the water of the Ottawa River gold. These travelers were making their way downstream.

Early in the morning on my way to the Chalk Pyramids in Kansas, I stopped to admire the scenery, the ancient erosions of the land, and to say hello to the local inhabitants. (Most of them shook their heads and went on their way while muttering “Tourists!”)


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