House Friend

Gulf Fritillary Butterflies Mating


Well I hate to say it but our little newly hatched butterfly was barely dried off before another butterfly came along. I guess this explains the profusion of caterpillars on the passion vine.

New Gulf Fritillary Butterfly


This is a newborn butterfly on my back porch. The underside of their wings are very dark and brown and gold. The top of their wings are mostly bright orange.

Gecko on the porch ceiling

We have geckos in our house. They reside in the attic and probably inside the walls. Every year there is a new batch of youngsters who hang out by the kitchen window because the kitchen light attracts bugs. I can hear the little ones chirping when I go outside. Every once in a while we see a baby gecko in the house, and we try to catch them and take them outside.

Gulf Fritillary Caterpillar


When I let my student in the front door at 12:30, I thought there was a large pinecone in the myrtle bush. When he left at 1:00 we realized that it was a beehive!

This Gulf Fritillary has lived a long life.

A white spider hanging out in our myrtle bloom. I didn’t notice the little guy until I started processing the photos; otherwise I would have gotten a good close-up.

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