Website Changes Are Coming


I will be redesigning this website over the next few months, and will convert it to WordPress from Drupal. It will take a while, but I am practicing consistency so you will see progress over time.

Here are two reasons for the change: I have been building websites with Drupal for the past 10 years, starting with version 5.6. More than a year ago, I decided to use the then-new Drupal 8 platform to build a new website for a new client, even though most of the modules that I wanted to use weren’t ready yet. Well, some of them still aren’t ready, and upgrading modules broke the site a few times. I am not happy with Drupal Commerce, and will convert my websites that have ecommerce to a different platform.

In the past, I chose Drupal over WordPress because it is easier to customize, and because all modules on the website are vetted for security. All Drupal modules are free, and many useful WordPress plugins are not free. But many times Drupal is more than I need for a simple website. More people use WordPress, so more people have figured out how to customize it with minimal fuss. And media such as images, audio and video just simply work out of the box with WordPress, and are a drudge to set up in Drupal. So, I need to learn more about how to customize WordPress, and I’ll let you know about the courses and tutorials that I end up with, and whether they were good enough to help me achieve my goals: to be an expert at setting up and customizing WordPress. I will start with some free WordPress courses on, and continue from there.