Scarf finished

The scarf that I ripped out last week is totally finished, hooray. This is really the first thing I’ve “designed” myself. I got the lace pattern (#232) fromThe New Knitting Stitch Library by Lesley Stanfield. I added 5 stockinette stitches, a decrease, a yarn-over, and 2 garter stitches on each end of the prefab lace design.

While I was threading the wires through the edges, the two males here forced (!) me to watch “Who Wants to be a Super Hero?” on the SciFi channel. I’m not saying I would ever watch it again, but it made me laugh. And finished, ready to wear.

Look, hardly any leftovers! It is Rowan kidsilk night: kid mohair, silk, and polyester and nylon for the shiny stuff (which is very subtle). As you can see, it’s very fine. This is gorgeous yarn, I just loved it.

And one final picture. I never saw this mistake till I was taking the picture. Oh, horrors! Well, it’s too late now, and proves that it wasn’t made in a sweat shop somewhere… oh, wait, this is Arizona…

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