Road Trip – Paducah, Kentucky to Carthage, Tennessee

From Paducah to Carthage is about 185 miles. I took a detour through the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. After we get our RV, we will come back and stay awhile to explore this beautiful area.

When I got to Carthage I stopped to see my cousin Geneva, and got to see my cousin David who was visiting from Michigan. I’ll probably get to see him again while I’m in Ohio. Now off to cousin Clifton’s house, where I’ll be spending the night.

I should mention that though the skies were not clear, it didn’t rain on me all day until I got on the Defeated Creek road. Then I was inundated once again, and could barely see the road. I stopped at Aunt Maude’s church and took a picture of the old Kempville Store, where my Yankee cousins and I used to get our fashionable (and authentic!) denim overalls. The store has been closed for awhile. Back in the 70’s there would have been a few men on the porch, leaning back in their bark chairs.

Old Kempville Store in Carthage Tennessee

  • Caption: The old Kempville Store in Carthage TN
  • Focal length: 0.019960079840319mm
  • ISO: 200
  • Keywords: Array
  • Shutter speed: 1/53s
  • Title: The old Kempville Store in Carthage TN

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