Ottawa River Sunset

At the end of Charlie’s street, which dead ends at the Ottawa River. His neighbors have piers and boats and back porches on the river. I took this picture with my Sigma 10-20 at 20mm. I was trying to capture the peacefulness of an evening sunset on a lazy river, but I’m distracted by all the lines in the photo. No matter how I crop it, the picture looks crooked. I finally settled on making the horizon of the river straight, but there is still a little barrel effect from the lens.

I took 5 exposures of this shot and processed them through Photomatix Pro software. I’m not always a fan of wacko colors, but I like the over-saturated colors in this instance because they define some triangles.

  • Caption: Ottowa River sunset, HDR processed with Photomatix Pro
  • Focal length: 125000mm
  • ISO: 200
  • Keywords: Array
  • Shutter speed: 1/29s
  • Title: Ottowa River sunset, HDR processed with Photomatix Pro

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