On Being a Female Double Bass Player

I realized that I was serious about my husband when I let him carry my bass. Why am I so protective of my bass? Strange men have taken it from my hands when I’m packing it up or carrying it around, and I’ve had to wrestle it back on more than one occasion. My bass is my voice, it’s part of my soul, and it’s an extension of my body. Plus it cost me a lot of money.

Just last night, I was going up some stairs and a man asked if I needed help. I said “No, thanks,” as usual. (Somebody asks me if I need help almost every time I’m out and about with my bass.) He came rushing up behind me and lifted the bottom of my bass up, almost causing me to fall.

I admit that I practice looking helpless, but only around doors I have to go through. Sometimes people in front of me let the door shut just as I get there. Most of the time these people are men!

All right then, it’s time to teach boys to leave people alone when they say they don’t need help, and to hold doors open for people who have lots to carry…

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