We were waiting for the full moon to rise while storm clouds rolled in from the east. We knew we wouldn’t catch the moon rising over the Union Hills, but we had fun watching the storm clouds catch the light of the setting sun.

These guys were catching fish from a rock pier at Newport Beach. The guy on the left had to keep chasing seagulls away from his string of fish.

Storm on the horizon


I took this picture as we were waiting for the sun to set and the full moon to rise on August 13th. We had slight hopes that we wouldn’t have to wait for the moon to rise above the incoming storm clouds, but the clouds kept coming in well past moonrise.

Double Bass Rosin with Music


Subtitled Fun in the Pit. Melted, squashed, lint-covered Kolstein double bass rosin from Waldir’s pocket. In the background is typical opera bass music.

You would never guess that there were about 439,751 people on the beach when I took this picture. It took us about an hour to find a parking space, after being stuck in a traffic jam trying to get to Balboa Beach.

Old dump truck in Desert Center, CA


On our recent trip to Los Angeles, Glenn and I stopped in Desert Center (pop. 125). On my drives from Phoenix to LA and back, I had passed this little green spot in the middle of nowhere and finally found the truth about the signs for Lake Tamarisk.

When I let my student in the front door at 12:30, I thought there was a large pinecone in the myrtle bush. When he left at 1:00 we realized that it was a beehive!

DUH in gaffer's tape in Orpheum pit


Near me on the wall of the orchestra pit of the Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix, AZ. Another great way for stagehands to use gaff tape!

Barrel Cactus flower


Waxy bloom on a barrel cactus

South Mountain from downtown Phoenix


Looking south from downtown Phoenix in the late afternoon.


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