When I let my student in the front door at 12:30, I thought there was a large pinecone in the myrtle bush. When he left at 1:00 we realized that it was a beehive!

DUH in gaffer's tape in Orpheum pit


Near me on the wall of the orchestra pit of the Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix, AZ. Another great way for stagehands to use gaff tape!

Barrel Cactus flower


Waxy bloom on a barrel cactus

South Mountain from downtown Phoenix


Looking south from downtown Phoenix in the late afternoon.

Twilight in Point Place, Ohio reflected on the Ottowa River

After sleeping in, I cruized through Ohio and got to Mom & Charlie’s place in Point Place, a small penisula that’s a suburb of Toledo. The top tip of the peninsula is in Michigan, which doesn’t make much sense to me. They live one house away from the Ottowa River in a beautiful old neighborhood.

After visiting the Butler Cemetary, I made my way to Lafayette (pronounced La-FAY-ette), where Beverly served me some dinner in her beautiful restored home. I told her about getting lost and watching

Butler Cemetary

Today was a very long day, indeed! After spending the day at with Clifton and Shelby at their new house, I took off to the Waller hollow (pronounced holl-er). The drive in was just as I remembered it: curvy and forever with nothing but woods, except that the roads are paved better and there are more bridges over the creeks (pronounced branch).

Old Kempville Store in Carthage Tennessee

From Paducah to Carthage is about 185 miles. I took a detour through the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. After we get our RV, we will come back and stay awhile to explore this beautiful area.

Mississippi River through a rainy window

Getting up early, I traveled down I-55 through a gut-clenching, hydroplane-causing, can’t-see-20-feet-in-front-of-you downpour for 30 minutes till I got to Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Now Ste. Genevieve is a charming little town on the banks of the Mississippi river with a French heritage.

Hibiscus bud

I left the hotel at 8am so that I could stop at Powell Gardens in Kingsville, MO. If you click on the link to the gardens, you’ll see that it’s a unique and beautiful public garden. As I pulled into the parking lot it started sprinkling.


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