Stained Glass Reflections


Last week we made a 400-mile circle (rectangle?) in 13 hours.

Albuequerque Rainbow Photo Redo


Trying out Viveza and ColorEfex filters from Nik. They worked really well on this photo from my 2009 cross-country trip.

Chocolate & Coffee Twice Today


Who could ask for more?

One of my goals for the next few months is to write more. Back in January I made an editorial calendar for this blog to help stay on track. It has been a struggle.

Downtown Phoenix Reflections


While looking up the names of the buildings in Google Maps, I found that the Streets photographer got the same reflections that I did. Well, let me identify the buildings then…

Rainbow the Cat

In 1991 when the boys were 5 and 3 years old, we went to the humane society to find a kitten. The place was overrun with kittens; there must have been at least 100. All of the kittens ran away from the two small humans (cats being generally smart), except for three tabby siblings.

South Mountain Panorama


This is from September of 2007, a series of 9 photos stitched into a panorama. We are standing at the lookout point (about 1,000 feet above Phoenix) at South Mountain looking North towards the Valley of the Sun.

After getting stuck in rush hour traffic, getting lost just west of Corona (looking for a restroom in an industrial area, oops!), and checking into our hotel in Irvine, we went to Laguna Beach for a long walk and some seafood.


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