Fireworks at Lake Pleasant


I hadn’t had my camera for very long and was able to talk Ben into going with me to Lake Pleasant for the fireworks. They had a country music stage, lots of games and rides for the kids, and plenty of porta potties.  I think I took at least 500 photos.

Gecko on the porch ceiling

We have geckos in our house. They reside in the attic and probably inside the walls. Every year there is a new batch of youngsters who hang out by the kitchen window because the kitchen light attracts bugs. I can hear the little ones chirping when I go outside. Every once in a while we see a baby gecko in the house, and we try to catch them and take them outside.

Rainbow from South Mountain


Gulf Fritillary Caterpillar


Stained Glass Reflections


Last week we made a 400-mile circle (rectangle?) in 13 hours.

Albuequerque Rainbow Photo Redo


Trying out Viveza and ColorEfex filters from Nik. They worked really well on this photo from my 2009 cross-country trip.

Chocolate & Coffee Twice Today


Who could ask for more?

One of my goals for the next few months is to write more. Back in January I made an editorial calendar for this blog to help stay on track. It has been a struggle.


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