Nesting Mourning Dove


This mourning dove looks a little disgruntled. She had no privacy because she built her nest close to the path at the Desert Botanical Gardens.

At the end of Charlie’s street, which dead ends at the Ottowa River. His neighbors have piers and boats and back porches on the river. I took this picture with my Sigma 10-20 at 20mm.

Single Pink Fairy Duster


Single blossom of the Pink Fairy Duster (Calliandra eriophylla) shrub, taken at the Desert Botanical Garden.

This is the Waller holler. My Great Grandmother’s house was situated in the little valley between the 2 roads in the middle of this photo. We traveled to Carthage, Tennessee every summer when I was growing up, and we usually stayed for two glorious weeks.

Enharmonic Madness

Enharmonic Madness

Why was the double A-flat here?

No change of key, no modulation to a new key, no logical reason…

The music was published in 2011. Could it be a music notation software glitch? Not likely!



This damselfly was very cooperative. He stayed very still while I got closer and closer, trying to get a good composition with his shadow. Maybe he was resting after a long day of flitting around the river. 

Smith County, Tennessee


This photo is from my trek between Butler Cemetary and Beverly’s house in Lafayette, where I pulled over to check my directions. I can’t find this on Google Maps, so if any of you know where this is, please let me know!

Beautiful bass playing by Nicholas Walker (much research suggests him?) starting at about 24:30 on Celtic Roots Radio

About the singer: Jayne Demakos

High desert barbed wire fence


Little Mormon Lake was just a moist depression when we passed by, but the high desert was kind of green from summer rains. Barbed wire fence does the job it’s meant to do: keeps the cattle off the roads and wimpy people like me off the land.

Passiflora Details


Now you can see why they call it a passion flower.


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