Green Scarf

I finished knitting this scarf several months ago, but just blocked it last week. Since then, I’ve been looking for the pattern I used, and haven’t found it yet! I was sure it was from Vogue Knitting, but maybe it’s from Interweave. In my search I discovered that some magazines are pretty weird about their table of contents.

I just wanted to invite you all to a concert I’m playing in next Sunday at the West Valley Art Museum. I played a solo program there several years ago. It’s a great little museum. In the spring of 2006, 3 groups that I worked for went out of business:

Cast On 2 Socks on 1 Circular 1

During my first pair of socks, I decided that it would be best to knit two socks at the same time. While there are many resources on the web and in books on how to cast on using a long circular needle, I always got confused over where I was and devised this method. It might take a few more steps, but it’s easier for me to keep track of.

Gray Scarf

The scarf that I ripped out last week is totally finished, hooray. This is really the first thing I’ve “designed” myself. I got the lace pattern (#232) fromThe New Knitting Stitch Library by Lesley Stanfield. I added 5 stockinette stitches, a decrease, a yarn-over, and 2 garter stitches on each end of the prefab lace design. Before Blocking

Color Blox Socks
Tulip Wedge Shawl

I’ve been working on this for a few months. It’s the Tulip Wedge Shawl, designed by JC Briar, from INKnitters Winter 2004. (I don’t see tulips there, but it’s beautiful anyways.) I finished the knitting last night. Hooray!

Progress on the current Six Sox Knitalong pattern, which is called Color Blox by Sheron Goldin. I’m just using one skein of Reynold’s Swizzle and not going wild with leftovers. One sock is coming from the inside of the skein, and the other from the outside, so the stripes go in opposite directions! Kind of subversive in a very quiet way…


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