Image Title City State
Glenn at Newport Beach Newport Beach Newport Beach California
Old dump truck in Desert Center, CA Desert Center Dump Truck Desert Center California
Graffiti door Downtown Glendale Graffiti Glendale Arizona
Light trails Airplane Light Trails Phoenix Arizona
DUH in gaffer's tape in Orpheum pit Rude Comment Phoenix Arizona
Ruellia flower with raindrop Ruellia flower with raindrop Phoenix Arizona
Storm on the horizon Storm on the horizon Phoenix Arizona
Cranes for the new Sheraton Phoenix Arizona
Sunset Storm Clouds Phoenix Arizona
Lake Pleasant Fireworks Phoenix Arizona
Laguna Beach Brown's Park overlook Serendipity Laguna Beach California
This Gulf Fritillary has lived a long life. Old Guy Phoenix Arizona
Urban Sunset Urban Sunset Phoenix Arizona
South Mountain Panorama South Mountain Panorama Phoenix Arizona
Storm Clouds at Sunset Storm Clouds at Sunset Phoenix Arizona
Sweet Acacia in Bloom Sweet Acacia in Bloom Phoenix Arizona
Crane & Plane Crane & Plane Phoenix Arizona
Downtown Crane Downtown Crane Phoenix Arizona
Downtown Phoenix, Arizona Downtown Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix Arizona
South Mountain from downtown Phoenix South Mountain from downtown Phoenix Phoenix Arizona
Downtown Phoenix Reflections Downtown Phoenix Reflections Phoenix Arizona
Albuequerque Rainbow Photo Redo Albuquerque Rainbow Photo Redo Albuquerque New Mexico
Albuquerque Rainbow Road Trip - Phoenix to Albuquerque Albuquerque New Mexico
Cherry Creek in Denver Road Trip - Denver Glendale Colorado
Rain clouds approaching a hay field in Kansas Road Trip - Strong City, KS to Harrisonville, MO Strong City Kansas