Happy Feet

What feels better on a hot summer day than dipping your feet in a fountain? Here’s a heavily manipulated photo of the feet of a little nature boy fountain at Wildwood Park in Toledo, Ohio. The next time you’re in Toledo, one of the many things you should do is visit Wildwood Park. The park is the former estate of R.A. Stranahan, who along with his brother F.D., founded Champion Spark Plugs. It’s huge, and includes the Stranahan mansion (where you can take tours), trails through forest and meadows, a giant playground, and formal gardens.

While my brother Jason and I walked a trail at the park we saw some deer and lots of wildflowers and wild fruits. When we came back around to the mansion, there was a wedding on the lawn, a family having portraits done in the formal garden, and people just out for a stroll in a beautiful place.

This fountain is on the west side of the mansion, in the garden designed by Ellen Biddle Shipman. For more about Wildwood Preserve and the Stranahans, go to http://www.metroparkstoledo.com/metro/parksandplaces/index.asp?page_id=629

Fountain at Wildwood Preserve

  • Caption: Detail of feet from a sculptural fountain, digitally altered.
  • Focal length: 0.19354838709677mm
  • ISO: 200
  • Keywords: Array
  • Shutter speed: 1/71s
  • Title: Detail of feet from a sculptural fountain, digitally altered.

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