Arabesque (1966)

Wednesday we watched Arabesque (1966) with Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren. I thought the music was overdone: it was too romantic when they were kissing, too lighthearted when Gregory Peck punned (which was often) and too terrifying during chase scenes. But it was pretty cool music, and having missed the opening credits, I looked up the composer. It was Henry Mancini. I highly recommend this movie! If you’re knitting, it’s even better, because if you try to pay attention to the plot you’ll get really confused.

  • Gregory Peck is so lovely to look at.
  • Sophia Loren is so lovely to look at, in definitely 1960’s Christian Dior.
  • Fantastic use of heavy machinery as weapons.
  • Lots of puns and witty banter.

IMDB says it’s showing next on New Year’s Eve on Turner Classic Movies.

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