6Sox Iris Garden Progress

This is a great pattern, and I think the socks will be very pretty. I’m using Elann Essential 4-ply solid in purple, and Blauband MaxiRingel for the contrast color(s). I finally figured out how to keep yarns from getting totally tangled when doing 2 multi-color socks at once on one circular. You arrange the balls of yarn in a gallon ziplock bag thus: the first sock’s main and contrast, then the second sock’s main and contrast. The bag is the right size to keep the skeins in a line so they don’t wobble around. The Blauband was a silly purchase. It’s very soft but the dye job is pretty bad – the yellow is full of splotches from the other colors, and the darker colors have faded spots. In my defense, I was looking for solid colors and they didn’t have any; I wanted something wacky; and (most of all!) I couldn’t leave the store empty-handed. The color imperfections enhance this pattern.

I’m just starting the cuff, and of course I changed the pattern on the instep because I didn’t feel like concentrating…

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